Nate and Sara, Adoptive Parents
“Adoption is filled with many twists and turns, many of which are out of your control. Family Life Services was a guidepost for us in the midst of a challenging process. They walked patiently beside us as we maneuvered the paperwork process, they cried with us as we agonized over the international adoption wait and they celebrated with us when we brought our children home. I could not recommend this agency or their staff more highly. They are efficient, professional, responsive …and compassionate to the journey of adopted families. A rare composite.”
FLS Birth Mother
“I came to FLS after delivering the most beautiful baby ever, yet I knew he deserved better than what I could give him at that time. The staff of FLS treated me with love and respect and was supportive of any decisions that I made. I placed Nicholas with a WONDERFUL family that I picked out just for him. He deserved the best and to me it was them. I have a great relationship with the adoptive parents and FLS continues to be a huge part of my life!”
Amy and Denver, Adoptive Parents
“During the entire adoption process, the FLS team was 100% supportive, loving, caring, and helpful. They were honest with us, and we knew they were praying for us, the baby, and the birth parents. The staff made it obvious to us that they love the Lord with all their hearts and truly love serving Him by ministering to His people. We truly thank God for this ministry and are very anxious to work with them again for number two!”

FLS Birth Mother
“This ministry impacted me by giving me a chance to make the right decisions for my life. By placing Christopher with an adoptive family, I not only gave the adoptive family a chance to raise a son, but gave myself a chance to understand that if I had raised Christopher, he would not have had all the opportunities he has now. My relationship with the adoptive family has grown over the years and I have increasing respect for their role as parents. I now know how precious life is and am so happy that I gave Christopher life and a loving family.”

Richard and Stacy, Adoptive Parents
“It has been a tremendous blessing to our family to work with FLS for all 3 of our international adoptions. Going through an international adoption is not an easy task, but with FLS we felt comfortable and confident with their help. They were caring, supportive and sensitive to our family and truly showed their love for Christ through their ministry. We are so thankful for FLS!”

FLS Birth Mother
“Although placing my son broke my heart, I focused on the future my son had ahead of him with his new family. That made the suffering and pain worth it. Adoption was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever been a part of. Sure, I had people say nasty things to me, but I’ve learned they don’t matter – my child is what matters. I get to see my beautiful baby grow up with two amazing parents and a sweet big brother who loves him so much. Most importantly, I have chosen an adoptive family who is constantly sending me pictures and emails and genuinely cares for me too, which makes the pain easier to bear. Adoption is hard, so hard. There is no “easy” part about it, but the love in adoption is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before. I have no regrets about my decision…my heart is too full…too full of love for my son, love for the adoptive family & for FLS. I take every opportunity to share my “real life” story in hope that it will impact others in a similar situation.”

Tim and Angie, Adoptive Parents
“We know that adoption was God’s plan for our life and are grateful for the circumstances He placed in our lives to bring us to this point. After many years of waiting, our dreams became reality when the answer to our prayers was placed in our arms. When we came to Family Life Services, we wanted a baby and God gave us Micah. But, God also gave us a ministry that we will stay involved with because we realize the miracles God is doing through it.”

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